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The subtitle of my blog “Pouring Water on a Boulder” is a Bhutanese expression to mean ‘pouring advices on someone who refuses to listen’ because water doesn’t sink into the boulder. So when you are frustrated that someone is not listening, you say “Oh! It’s like pouring water on a boulder”.

Hence, as much I know that what I write here is like pouring water on a boulder, I also believe that it is the duty of every citizen to do this and never to lose hope to make the country or the world a better place. On the other hand, not many have the ability or the means or the time to dedicate on distilling thoughts, opinions and views in writing – even if they would like to. So those of us who may be able to do it, should do; others will just read and many will shun. In other words, you do for your own sense of fulfilment of duty and to stand on your own principle and ground.

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