Advent of TV in Bhutan


June 2, 1999 – This is me making the final connection and screen test for what was a historic moment for Bhutan: Television.

Yes, I led the team to a world-record launch of a television channel – 3 months from the scratch to the screen. That the was the biggest and the most prestigious project I executed as an engineer  😍😍😍 And I made it to the pages of Guardian UK and New York Times and host of other news outlets. I was also also conferred the Asia-Pacific Engineering Award for that stunt. However, those were pre-internet era. So, no way to social media about. Meaning, it is as good as it never happened. 😜😜😜

Still, it is nice to have your past smiling at you although, for me really, I just miss my engineering colleagues. They were the best foot soldiers I had. They were always ready to charge uphill into any battle with me. And we did many battles. In the final days leading to June 2, we camped at Sangaygang so that we could work round-the-clock to complete the task. Not a single complaint was uttered by anyone in my team. Really great guys. I will always be proud of you. As a saying goes in Bhutanese, “Your share, you have to chew even if they are gravels”. Yes, we did chew our gravels. And much more. 😎😎😎

But, my god! Almost 20 years that we have TV ??? HA HA HA

BBS Days 001
Uli, our German friend, taught us how to use cameras and studio lights. I am the only one not paying attention πŸ™‚

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