Health supplements and food

I see many of my friends on the social media sharing newsfeeds from questionable sources on benefits of this or that plant, miracle foods, health supplements, weight-reducing stuff, fat-burning creams, etc. I would them to be very careful with these things. Some may be genuine but most are either fake or commercial stunts.  

Every human body is different

One basic thing to remember when it comes to healthy living is that our human body is extremely complex and what worked in some countries or people, may or may not work in your body. In some case, it could be dangerous too. For example, quinoa gave me diarrhea when I once ate it. I guess my body didn’t recognize this magic food. Or I suppose, I don’t have the enzymes to break the quinoa into energy. Then there are scientific claims that they have been experimented on rats or guinea pigs. We are neither rats nor guinea pigs. 

My simple approach to food is, whatever we (me and my ancestors) ate in the last 5,000 years is good. Something from a distant land could be tricky.

The detox myth

Human body is also very strong and resilient and can absorb quite a large dose of toxins, which we consume without knowing – like from pesticides, food colorant, packaging, etc. So, go slow on all these ads and websites about detox-week, detox foods, etc. I am not a medical doctor but I suppose that if there are toxins in your bloodstream, you die. If there isn’t, there is no such thing as detox either – unless of course you are a drug addict or an alcoholic. There is a nice article in the Guardian on this.

Like wise there is no such thing as lose weight. You burn fats and that has been achieved in our country through active lifestyles in the farms and not by drinking a magic portion. Now with urbanisation only way is to leave your car and walk up the mountain every morning and eat healthy. 

Get professional advices

By the way, for those living in Thimphu and the major towns, you can visit the nutrition specialists for advice. You need not be ill to go there. Get professionals to suggest what is good and what is bad. Not the Google and not the TV. Make use of our free medical services. The nutritionist will get your medical history, check your BMI, and prescribe you what is good and what is not good for you. I did that few years back.

And don’t forget, we also have the Traditional Medicines in our free public health system. Visit them if you really want to know which plant to eat to lower your blood pressure, or to keep your diabetes and heart diseases on check.

Above all, have more confidence in your own body. It is gift.

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