Turn on the engines πŸš— 🚘 πŸš™

August 23, 2020

It is Day 13 of the lockdown in Bhutan and most cars have been idle all this while. It is good for environment but bad for battery and the engine. In other words, you need to start your engines and keep it ON for 15-30 minutes to keep the battery alive. Depending on the car and the battery, the life of a battery is anywhere between 14 – 30 days. The reason is that carΒ stereos, clocks, central lockings and car alarms consume batteries. Faulty electrical wirings or minor current leakages are also common. So if you don’t want to find a dead battery, turn on the engine today or tomorrow – so that you recharge the battery and lubricate the engine. Another thing, don’t raise the engine.

For those who are quite hands-on, after turning off, open the hood cover and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

Cheers everyone. Stay inside

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