The Miracles of Dodeydrak

I made my annual hike to Dodeydrak, which included an overnight stay there.

Dodey-drak takes it names from the myth that the sacred scriptures, Dodey Kezang, is buried inside the rock as a terma.

The holy site was founded by Je Yonten Thayi, the 13th chief abbot of Bhutan, who was guided in his vision to open a replica of the famous Tsari Rongkor of Tibet, after his visit there. A temple was built in 1779 with Buddha Shakymuni as the main statue, and the statues of Buddha of Three Eras (Duesum Sangye).

The main temple also has a statue of deity Zinchen Wangmo who accompanied Yonten Thayi on his return from Tibet. She then became the deity of the places associated with Je Yonten Thayi in Bhutan such a Nalanda and Phajoding.

Aum Zinchen Wangmo is locally famous for helping people in business and in motherhood. In medieval times traders visited and sought help from the deity during their business trips, offering corals and turquoise as gifts on their return.

Deity Zinchen Wangmo

Another piece to look out for at Dodeydrak, which is not mentioned anywhere is the magnificient mural of Avalokiteshvara painted by Je Jamyang Gyeltsen, which is believed to have shed tears when he passed away. The painting almost speaks to you.

The Pema Zang Temple has a beautiful Long Life Trinity (Tshela Namsum) of Tshepamey (Buddha Amitayus), Namgyelma (Unisha Vijaya) and Droljang (Green Tara), plus a corner for the Palden Lhamo (Dharmapala Kaladevi), the place is a go-to if one if having health issues and instability in life. They have helped recover three of my  American friends from life threatening diseases. One was even considered as terminal.

Getting there
Dodeydrak is a 2-hour vertical climb from Jungshina, a quartier in north Thimphu. Another less strenous walk is from Dechencholing Gonpa

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