Best friends


Whether or not it is a “Friendship Week” this week, here is a video of the two greatest friends of Kanglung that I filmed in 2013. I think BBS did a piece after I alerted them. But anyway.

Every time I was driving back to my village, Pam, I noticed this bull and the pig were always together. So one morning I stopped by and flipped out my camera to film them. The bull wanted to go out grazing but the pig wanted to sleep. So the bull kept asking the pig to get up. I found that scene very moving and cute.

Other times I have seen the pig accompanying the bull on grazing spree. Most of the time, of course, the bull would be doing his round and the pig dozing off under a shed – but always together. Once, I saw the bull running around and crying out desperately for his friend. The pig was nowhere near. Days later I found them together again.

I have learnt that the owner wanted to slaughter the pig (this is customary). But Yonphola Rimpoche, Jigme Tenzin, told the owner not to do that because they were reincarnations of some special beings – and that the bull might die out of depression if his friend is gone.

So I was wondering what kind of moelam these two friends must have had from their past lives to be born as different species and yet could continue their friendship in this life.

Happy friendship to all.

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