Middlepath to America

Hong Kong, 14 November:

Bracing for one of the longest flights in the world. Hong Kong – Dallas Texas – 16 hours only. The route will take us over China, Russia, polar circle, Alaska, Canada and the US. However, I won’t be bored. No time for that. It will be 16 hours of coffee and powerpoint. Got to brush up two presentations that I will be making at the Annual Conference of the prestigious National Communication Association annual conference in Dallas, Texas.

More than my own papers, though, I am looking forward to meeting and listening to communication scholars whose theories I have studied and practiced and who books I have read, photocopied, underlined, etc. and whose perspectives rule the media and communication industry on this planet.

Meanwhile, I will be timidly offering my own Middlepath Communication model to the field. So nervous. So excited.   



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