Dreaming through New year eve

1.1.2019 – Nothing has changed in me as far as New Year Eve’s are concerned. For many years now, I have stopped making any big deal about. No remorse of the year that goes by and no resolutions for the year that sets in. New year Eve? It is just another night. Every night I go to bed being thankful for who I am and what the world gives me. Every morning I wake up to a new day of opportunity to something worthwhile or be of service to others.

Here is what I wrote in 2014


I slept on the New Year eve. For two reasons:

First, I felt sleepy and regretted a bar-hopping invitation from a friend (it’s more than a year since I totally quit drinking anyway).

Dremetse, October 2009 – Sleeping in a earthquake-damaged
classroom during the Royal Tour

Second, and more important, for me no day is more important than another day. Any new day that I am alive and kicking is a new day and a new year for me. I welcome each day with a smile and a little prayer. I go to bed every night with the same little prayer and a wish – to see another day. Last semester on my return to Sherubtse from a foreign trip I resumed my lecture with, “Nice to be back with you. I had a helluva great time in Vietnam.” I paused and change my tone. “Actually, I have a great time wherever I am.” The class laughed. But I really meant what I was saying.

Still, every New Year is a time to reflect on the year that went by and a time to look forward to what life has in store for us – and for those for whom we matter.

But whatever has happened and whatever will happen, one thing is for sure – life will go on.

So I have one wish for myself (you may wish the same if you want) – and that I would be able to go to bed every night, say my little prayer and sleep well – without any worry, without any remorse and with a smile on the face looking forward to another great day.

Welcome to 2014, on that note.

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