Find your purpose

I spent a wonderful morning in Jakar High School today, where I was invited to give a talk to the students and teachers there.

In little over 45 minutes I was given to speak to 600+ audience, I shared my own story of how early on in my life I found my purpose (to be of service to others) and passion (media and movies) – and how everyone should find one’s life purpose to give a meaning to one’s life.

Purpose sets our direction; passion drives us

Purpose gives us a sense of direction, our principle and an ideology. Passion drives us, motivates us and gets us out of our bed. Without the two you will be wandering aimlessly. Without a greater purpose, we end up seeking happiness in the external and the material – and wait for salary raise with every new government – or get devastated, or fearful, by few audit memos.

Live in the present

One should be fully in the present moment to savour what life has to offer. That’s called mindfulness. And avoid the typical Bhutanese style of delayed enlightenment (where you enjoy moments retrospectively) or of hedonism (as if there is no tomorrow) or of nihilism (where you feel you are no one). As milay Rimpoche, we all have a purpose – otherwise Good must be stupid to throw us on Earth without one. Find your purpose and live your life meaningfully – and in the service to others – your family, friends, community and King.

The present generation, if I may characterize, seems less resilient when actually it has to be stronger than the previous generation. This is not good. If there are two things that one needs to cultivate to develop internal strength, they are empathy and attitude.

Empathy and perspective

Empathy is the ability for one to share and understand the feelings of others. This, unfortunately, seems to be lacking nowadays – especially among our public servants. Who has not walked or travelled for days to get some public service, only to be turned away at the counter by an unempathetic official. 

Perspective, on the other hand, determines our relations with the social world. It guides you to make sense of whatever happens to you as you dwell in this samsara. Perspective is the space between what fate offers and how you react. As the great German psychologist, Victor Frankl, said, “between a stimulus and a response, there is a space. In that space we have the power to choose.” Unless you cultivate the right perspectives you will always make wrong choices.

So, what do you choose to be.

Life goes on

I ended my talk with my favorite line: in pursuing your passion and dreams, you will garner success. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. You will also face lots of disappointments. Fear not; for, disappointments will reveal who your true friends and family are. Cry if you must, but collect the broken pieces, smile, and learn to move on.

And whether you taste success or failures just say to yourself – life goes on. And life will most probably smile back at you.



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