Female Ox Year?

Sounds ridiculous? If you are not familiar with the context, yes. Because you are subjected to the direct translation, or transliteration, which always is very poor in Bhutan. So, let me try explain this using a mathematical language.

The zodiacal characteristics of the Year should be understood as the total sum of the characteristics of the Animal, Element and the Gender (actually it should be Energy here). So if C is the characteristics,

C(Year) = c(Animal) + c(Element) + c(Gender)

One of the characteristics of the Ox is hardworking, metal is determination and Female is feminine (soft). So, for example, children born this year will be softer in nature, whether boy of girl, but hardworking and determined. Tashi delek to new parents.

Coming to the translation, instead of "female", the better translation would be "feminine". But there is no need to spell out the two nouns, Iron and Female. It is enough to say Year of the Ox. That's what we do in real life. We don't all the three.

The other problem, which arises when you say all the three together, is that the nouns become adjectives and the overall meaning changes - and at times sounds ridiculous like the above.

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