The Wisdom Keepers Club

In the picture are half of the self-appointed wisdom keepers, a club of friends from five countries who believe in the importance of ancient and traditional wisdoms for the present and for future generations.

We just had an amazing first meeting in the wilderness of Zhemgang – in a 8th century temple complex. It was my idea to host it there and not in a 5-star hotel in Thimphu or in Paro.

Now we are absorbing the power, blessings and wisdoms of Bumthang. Of a nyeb (territorial deity) that stole the life force of a king, and of a stone pillar that served as a seal by Guru Rimpoche to subjucate a tshomen (lake deity). Or of speaking statues, fire burning inside lakes or temples built in one night. It is through the interest and curiosity of those who don’t have such rich stories and legends that we also learn to appreciate what we have.

Homo sapiens survived because they used stories to create shared beliefs, so claims Yuval Noah Harrari in Sapiens. The story of fairies building the statue of Guru in Tamshing, of Bhutanese forces defeating the Tibetan invaders in Batpalathang (mispronounced from Baep-lepthang, which means where “Tibetans were crushed”) are stories that united and defined us as Bhutanese communities.

Every story carries a theme, a moral or a wisdom from our ancestors – of cooperation, commitments and of compassion. Myths and legends encourage to find the balance between the good and bad, between the light and darkness, and between the Yin and Yang – and not the vanquishing of the what are perceived to be bad or evil. They make humans as interdependent and integral part of the six realms – and not as the undisputed masters or as unscrupulous exploiters. These wisdoms are something that we need to preserve and pass on to the next generation.

May the legends and the stories live on.

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The wisdom keepers receiving blessings and Buddhist wisdoms from Dorje Phagmo Rimpoche
The Wisdom Keepers with Dorje Phagmo Rimpoche in Zhemgang

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