My first domestic flight

Yonphola – Paro

Did my first domestic flight. It was Sunday and so even memay Dangling must have been sleeping. He didn’t throw clouds around, or mists or wind, which are typical of Yonphula.

In keeping with the local tradition, I put on my only non-gray and new gho to ensure a good tendray (auspiciousness). This is Sharchopa culture

From high above I realized two things. First, how small our country is. From high above, you can see both ends of the country from one window. And second, we still have lots of forests and unexplored land.

Flight review

Ticket cost Nu. 4,800 one way. Cheaper than taking the car and doing a 2-day and 540km of roller-coaster ride. Good ground and onboard service. For someone who once took 13 days to get from Tashigang to Phuntsholing, it is rather surreal to make it to Thimphu in 30 minutes.

Suggestion to Druk Air

Have local pilots or air hostesses who can explain the places we are flying above. I could identity all the places but not many Bhutanese are familiar with our own country. On that route you can see famous places such as Dremetse, and all places along Kurichu valley, Chamkharchu valley, and Mangdechu valley, plus Phobjikha, Khotokha, Punatshangchu valley, Thimphu and all the mountains from Gangkhar Puensum till Kanchenjunga.


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