Take your life with an open mind

I did a guest lecture for final year media students at Sherubtse College. I introduced to them one of my pioneering work in academia – the middle path journalism – a theoretical framework for the Bhutanese media. The book chapter by the same title is already used in some foreign universities as a required reading. I am glad it will also be included here from next semester.

Besides the academics, the students asked me for some advices as they complete their college life in two months time. Here is what I shared with them.

1. Learn to communicate.

As a media student you will be expected to communicate well. If you don’t, you will be doubly handicapped – as a graduate and as a media graduate. Even otherwise, in any career or in life communicating well is a prerequisite to a successful life, career and relationships. Not communicating and not knowing are the same. Make sure you are able communicate so that you can share your knowledge and take our country and humanity forward. 

2. Prepare from now.

Make the most of your time left out here to start preparing for whatever you will be pursuing as a career. If you heading for the civil service, revise your maths skills because that’s where media students suffer in the BCSE test. In other sections of the exam, you should be okay. If you are going for career in media, start collecting your portfolios of photograph you took, video you made and articles you have written. This will come handy when you apply for jobs. Be ahead of your competitors in life. Don’t lazy around.

3. Take life as it comes.

Most importantly, as you move into the next phase of your life, always remember that many good thing will happen – but so will bad things. The key thing to remind yourself is not to be too sensitive or be to reactive to either and to let go both eventually. Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy your life, have fun, cherish each moment and people you meet and above all, be open-minded on everything. Do not discriminate between jobs, or people or experiences. Take everything with an open mind. People say that things happen, and people come in your life, for a reason. I would say you find reasons and make the best of everything.

Have a long-term vision, but do what is immediately placed in front of you. Grab anything that comes your way, do as many things as possible, go see places, meet as many people.

Lastly, whatever happens, especially if you are going through hell, keep going.



One thought on “Take your life with an open mind

  1. Tshewang Rinzin

    It was great time to spend with you and listen to your inspirational talk besides your busy schedule sir. Love to sit more with you and graps your good notions for community as w whole, ” Mangdhen” see you in coming days too la. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


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