Education: Back to the future


Public education system all over the world is in a serious dilemma. The model developed to fulfil the needs of the Industrial Revolution is not relevant any longer. Likewise, the pace of change is so fast that no single solution can withstand it for a sustained period either.

As a cowherder I was told that, when lost, turn back and trace your footsteps. We are bit lost with education and might as well turn back and trace our roots.

In this talk, we will look at how a key player in the education system, the teachers, can be equipped to respond effectively to these new challenges brought about by the new era and demands. At the core of this offer is the premise that no learning happens with an unmotivated, stressed out and an unmindful teacher.

We look at a set of tools, known as the Wellbeing tools for teachers, that puts the focus on the teachers as opposed to the student-centered policy or curriculum-based learning. Simply put, these tools offer to make teachers better teachers through an infusion of traditional values and SEL skills and create a healthy environment for themselves, for the class and lastly, in the whole school.


My full presentation can be downloaded from here Dorji Wangchuk Education_Back to the Future Finale

The academic paper on the validity of the curriculum is here. Contentment.Corbett.Paper

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