#Greta #Effect

There is an anti-Greta movement brewing in the horizon. That’s understandable. After all, some groups – especially at the extreme left, have thrived for years on this platform, often achieving nothing, and they wouldn’t want to share the stage with a 16-year old girl – sprouting from nowhere. On the other spectrum of the universe are the large and heartless multinationals and corporations and who were profiteering at the expense of the planet – and often in collusion with politicians. They are now scared that the world has woken up. And who rang the ultimate alarm? Greta.

This little girl has definitely stirred the conscience of a complacent and indifferent humanity – and has caught us all sleeping over a looming catastrophe. Little wonder then that everyone from Left to the Right are uncomfortable with her and will try their best to discredit her – and different groups will do for different reasons.

Besides them, everyone was amazed with Greta Thunberg’s speech (read as rebuke) at the United Nations. I was one of them. But there is no use of saying how terrific she was and how inspired you were, if from the next moment you go back to same old BS of mindless consumption and back into waste generation mode. One has to start taking positive actions – no matter how insignificant. Just sharing her video or paraphrasing her will not save the planet. In fact it might further push her haters to hate her more.

On my part, I have stopped accepting plastic bags while shopping – or eating processed food. I have decided to stop buying new cloths too. Not that I was buying much anyway. In the last 5 years I must have bought one pair of jeans, few tee shirts and a Uniqlo jacket. I will walk as much as possible. Slowly, but surely, we should make small changes in our lives that will help heal the planet. Then you are free to like Greta. And be really inspired.

#GretaThunberg #HealTheEarth

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