Water supply: Danger to public health

A tweet on the problem of water during rainy season in Phuntsholing made me think of something strange that is with our municipal water supply system. Water shortage during rainy reason? But why? and how? It is not dry season. And someone explained that it is because of leakage into the piping system that blocks the flow.

Now if true, this could also be a major public health concern because that means at several points, where the supply pipes crosses drains and sewage lines, the waste water and bacteria can break into the pipes. Is this the reason why we have high cases of H Pylori and E Coli in the Bhutanese population? H. Pylori is bacteria that causes peptic ulcers and then stomach cancer in the long run.

Could our water supply be contributing the rise of stomach cancer in the country? I hope the Ministry of Health will take some random water samples and test them in the public health laboratory and publish the results.

Meanwhile I know everyone doesn’t drink tap water directly but during the rainy season, or at all time, it may even be safe to brush your teeth or wash salads with boiled water.

Stay safe everyone.

Kuensel news report


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