Hydropower: A second thought?

This pertains to a front-page article and an editorial on Kuensel of 10 November 2019 (I reproduce them below)

Well, I haven’t changed my mind. But does my opinion count? Of course, not. In a country where official position and power are everything, a view of a private citizen is often ignored at best – and considered a nuisance at worst. Nonetheless, as with many things, I do or say even when I know that it is not going to matter anything. That’s called sticking to one’s belief. It is called principle. It is called integrity.

For me, it is still a big NO to any hydropower projects larger than 120MW. NO to any projects that we cannot finance or that we have no control over. And NO to anything that will put our future generation at risk. And a big YES to intergenerational equity as provisioned in the Constitution – and leave some rivers and resources alone for future generations. Twenty years back I believed in this dream. I documented the entire project construction phase of Tala Project. We were promised of untold wealth. We were made to dream. Today we are in a huge debt. We can’t even cough without asking permission. We can’t even sneeze. What a tragedy!

Maybe I missed something but what REALLY has changed in this sector in the last few months? What have we REALLY learnt to merit a “second thought”? Why this sudden turnaround? Nothing that is happening in this sector begs any reason to be optimistic. Can someone send me the big picture, if there is one? Until then, from my little pond, I really don’t understand this new narrative that Kuensel, or the government, is trying to sell.

Lastly, to say that we have only the hydropower eggs basket is like smashing the eggs on the face of educators like me who see and work on deriving the tremendous human potential our Bhutanese youth have to offer.

What a downer! 


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