Technical education and not vocational training

It was nice of Kuensel (11 Nov 2019) to highlight my school, Don Bosco Technical School (although it was erroneously mentioned as Don Bosco Technical Institute) as the epitome of technical skills and knowledge.

I am an alumni of DBTS. Few years after I graduated, it did become an institute and that was the beginning of the end of technical education in Bhutan. If there is one thing that led to the slow death was when arts, humanities and science subjects were removed and a bare vocational trade subjects were retained. The so-called reform was a disaster.

The DBTS curriculum I went through had all the subjects of a normal school. So I studied Shakespeare and also physics and maths and our exams were conducted by Meghalaya Board of Examinations. Plus we had to complete the Indian Technical Institution (ITI) curriculum. In other words, we were subjected to two full curriculums. And hence our day started at 5am in the morning and ended at 9 in the evening – before we were sent to bed. In other words, we got a well-rounded education, which allowed the graduates to pursue either an academic career (I am currently doing PhD in communication and social media) – instead of being relegated to the blue collar jobs only. 

Unless technical education is mainstreamed back into the school education system, no amount of money or autonomous status or wage improvements or legislations will restore the skills mentioned in this editorial. It should be technical education as it is done in countries like Finland, Norway, Germany and Italy and not sidelined as vocational training, which is demarcated for less “intelligent” students.

Ask any of the alumni from that curriculum and their suggestion will be the same. Current Opposition Leader Lyonpo Pema Gyantsho, MoWHS secretary Dasho Chencho, former Home Minister Dawa Gyeltshen, Supreme Court Justice Rinzin Gyeltshen were all from that curriculum and my seniors. Maybe they can provide some valuable suggestions too.


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