10 Years of Blogging & Brokshi


Semtokha Dzong – This year this day marks ten years of blogging. Yes, it is just ten years. It seems ages, right?

I write on my life and my works to simply share and inspire – and occasionally I opine on society and governance. On the latter, I am often asked why I do I write what I write? Why do I stick my neck out? Is it for publicity? Or is it for vengence? Why am I not “happy” all the time? Or am I just a sour grape?

Well, here is the answer. I write for none of the reasons above. I write because, first of all, I care for the community around me, and for my country. And now, for the world entire. By the grace of my Kings, friends and family, I am OK. But I cannot close my eyes to things, both good and bad, happening in front of me. I believe in the power of words and communication to change for better.

I know in doing so, at times, I am burning bridges, I am burning friendships and I am burning down favours. And in a small country like ours these can be very costly – and I have also paid some heavy prices too. Still, there is one price that I cannot imagine trading away. And that has to do with my conscience – my principle. So, the first reason I write is to clear my own conscience. And put it at rest.

Do my words count? Or do we, the proletariat, matter? I don’t know. And I don’t care. I don’t expect the world to change to my whims and wishes. I don’t expect praises and accolades. And I don’t expect bureaucrats and politicians to listen to me. But they are not my target audience either. My concern is my people – my community. I want them to think, care and act – in every small ways, no matter how small or insignificant. For, people and power will come and go. Whereas the system, nation, state and country will remain.

Simply put, I don’t want to, one day, die (in case you forgot, we’ll all die one day) thinking I didn’t do what I believed in, or didn’t stand my ground or didn’t do what was needed to be done as a citizen – as human being.

So, will keep going for now 🚶🚶🚶

My blog is http://www.dorji-wangchuk.com and http://dorjiwangchuk.blogspot.com

(On the occasion of ten years of successful blogging, I made a donation for the Gyampo Tangrap ceremony in honor of deity Yeshe Gyampo – Mahakala)

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