Real cost of cooking gas

This is the cost of LPG non-subsidised gas in Bhutan:

– 35 minutes wait in the cold and dusty outlet – because ‘closed for lunch’
– 10 minutes more wait for just one lady in front of me to be served. She had all the required documents.
– Nu. 773 the actual cost of the cylinder
– 5 minutes more wait for the cashier to look for 1 Nu. notes he didn’t have (I kept quiet to observe the drama)
– Nu. 2 forfeited ultimately since no one, he asked around, had the change šŸ˜†šŸ˜†šŸ˜†
– 3 minutes wait again since the the guys were unloading a truck and were completely ignoring the lady ahead of me – and me.

Total cost = Nu. 775 + 53 minutes in cold and dust + one disorganised cashier + two stressed-out and public-hating dispensers

My condolence and prayers to all Bhutanese consumers. May you find strength to face this every month. And may this country be forever rich that it can throw away one hour every month from every citizen.


(NB. Let’s monetize the 1 hour and multiply that to the whole country. Assuming that average hourly wage is Nu. 200. If we multiply that for the 150,000 families in the country, we are losing Nu. 30 million every month just because the inefficiency of this one service, which is also paid and not coming free. I say nothing further)


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