King for all sentient beings

I teared up seeing these pictures – especially the first meme. Not only because I love animals but because I truly believe in a shared, compassionate and a humane world. 

As each one of us fear or fight for our own survival, we often forget that there are also other sentient beings – some less able than us – some who are very helpless. It took our King to notice that and to remind us. Following this, Bhutanese all over, individuals and institutions, have sprung into action to feed the estimated 45,000 stray dogs in the country. With the current lockdown, the strays could be going hungry. I even fed a stray cat. 😎😎😎

The RSPCA, the NGO working on animal welfare, has started receiving lots of support. Please keep them coming. I know them well – in person. The money will go where it should. The Royal Bhutan Army and the Police have been mobilised too. 

A society is only as good as how it treats its weakest members. As Bhutanese, now we can all be proud, happy and reassured. Now, we can all “feel held” and feel supported.

May these acts of compassion help us win our fight against the coronavirus 🙏🙏🙏

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