We are all front liners, now

August 17, 2020

Thought of keeping this low-key, but in view of the sad and worrying news coming out of Paro and Phuntsholing, I thought we needed a dose of optimism.

My wife, who runs Café Luna, has been baking free cakes and non-stop for the front-liners since the lockdown. Since our workers are not in, our two daughters are helping. We have reached out to our Desuungs posted in Taba-Dechencholing, Hospital, HMS, RIM, MyMart, FCB store and at the Memorial Chorten. We have also served the waste collectors of Greener Way, our Heath Ministry officials and doctors, our veterinary hospital staff, our two media houses – BBS and Kuensel, the Education Ministry officials and teachers, and, of course, our Prime Minister’s Office.

We did it as a small gesture of appreciation to the great service that they are rendering to our nation, and to say that we are all behind them – and together in this. We didn’t want to sit passively while our own fellows perspired, went hungry or risked their lives for us.

Besides the much-needed sugar boost, I hope all our front liners are fine and that their enthusiasm, strength and focus will outlast the pandemic.

As this situation prolongs, and gets more heated up now, our front liners may run out of steam and lose their morale or motivatation. They are humans like us, after all – and not robots. Therefore, those of us who are at home, forget about complaining, my hope is that you will do your bit to send your support and solidarity, to say the least – or help in whatever form you can.

With confirmed cases of local transmission for Covid19, the virus is at our doorstep, we are all front liners in this fight, now 🤺🤺

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