Intents and views in Buddhism

Intentions, or view, is the most important aspect in Mahayana Buddhism. Whatever you do, whatever you say, ultimately one’s karmic merit or retribution depends on what is the main intention. Put simply, the end justifies the means as long as the end is noble, and the means does not violate the Five Precepts of the Vinaya. In fact, a popular saying goes something like, “If your intentions are clear, the earth and the paths will be cleared for you” (sampa zang na, sa dang laam yang zang).

Stories are abound of intents, and power of wishes, known as moelam in local languages. The most popular cliche being a self-arising statue of Buddha emerging out of a bone of a dog, because of faith, intent and moelam.

And of course, the lama who took this view to the extreme was our favourite Divine Madman, Drukpa Kuenley, who defied every convention and norm to prove this point.

There is a month-long teaching going on in Thimphu. And it is bestowed by none other than our Living Buddha, Trulku Jigme Choedra, the curent Je Khenpo of Bhutan, and one of the purest living soul of our generation. There are thousands of devotees from all over the country, and many monks and ordinary people from Ladakh, Sikkim, and other places in India.

So, today, on the advice of my teacher, I paid a visit, listened to his teaching from the woods (which I didn’t understand a word but it’s fine), made a monetary offering for the organisers, and a cake with less sugar for His Holiness. And above all, as instructed I prostrated three times from a distance, from this spot (I didn’t bother the curious onlookers) and told the Buddha that with this today’s visit I be marked present for every day of the thirty days. I promised to be better in my next life by being a monk and be a more serious practioner.

I think the Buddha said OK, because the Living Buddha kindly sent me some protection chords and blessed pills of the Medicine Buddha (Pix 3) in exchange for the cake. These gifts will go straight into my treasure box.

May all those who cannot come even for a day, for genuone reasons, but can see and listen to the teachings (Pix 2) be blessed for life.

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