The legends of Ratsawog

Ratsawog, Wangdue
When you drive along the Wangdue-Trongsa highway,  just before Nobding, if you stop your car and look down you will see this small hamlet. It is called Ratsawog (mispronounced from Raja wog where Raja means King, and Wog means lower village)

The place is believed to be associated to King Sindhu Raja, the eighth century king of Bumthang who invited Guru Padmasambhava. Not much is known or wriiten about it except that the king remained there hiding from his enemy, King Nawoche.

Another important fact about this hamlet, is that the little stupa behind that tall house comtained one of the Buddha statues which was crafted by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel (1594-1651). Zhabdrung had made and commissioned one million tiny statues of Buddha Shakyamuni in the memory of all those killed during a series of Tibetan invasions between 1616 and 1644.

One of those statues was believed to been placed inside that stupa on the orders of Zhabdrung.

Sources say that the mini statue is in Wangdue Dzong. It is the main relic placed inside the Thousand Zhabdrung statues, which were commissioned by contemporary lama Tshampa Sangye Tenzin, and consecrated inside the recently-rebuilt Wangdue Dzong.

(Source: Sonam Dorji, a native of the village)

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