Power of prayers and faith

A friend of mine from the US sent me another message for help. Another, because it was not the first time. This time a brother of our colleague has been diagonised with stage 3 cancer. He requested me to commission prayers, rituals, and get him some blessings. He is only 45.

My friends have been to Bhutan many times and they know that if there is a place where magic and miracles do exist, it is here. Over the years they have developed more faith than, if I may say, many Bhutanese I know.

So, I rallied my network. I requested my lama, Khandro Dorje Phagmo, to bless him so that he can recover. I commissioned the life-extension prayers at Dodedra. I invoked deity Palden Lhamo in Rukha temple.

Two weeks later, I get this most amazing news. I teared up.

“My brother’s CT scan and bone scan came back cancer free. His oncologist said that he should make a full recovery….It’s truly a miracle. He went from stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer to cancer free in 2 weeks.”

And he ended his message with a beautiful line:

“It has been a rollercoaster couple of weeks. And I feel like when I land, I’ll have some time to decompress and look back on all this. But there are lessons in here for all of us. Of that I am certain.”

As I mentioned earlier, this is not the first case I am dealing with. It is the sixth. Five people before him have recovered.

One new-born in New York moved her little hands minutes after the rituals to Palden Lhamo was conducted. Another boy in New York breathed again after the ritual cakes were cast from Dodedra. He was on life support and the family was asked by the doctor if they consented him to switch it off – since the hospital was sure he wouldn’t survive.

A friend from New Jersey and another friend in San Francisco recovered after my lama conducted prayers and reassured that they would be alright. They both attribute their new lease of life to the blessings and the miracles of Bhutan.

One had stage 4 cancer and was given just few months of life. He asked me what he should do to get a guaranteed blessings of the the deities, so that even if he died, he would would know that he died after he was blessed. I told him to promise that he would come to Bhutan to pay his homage and gratitude to the divinities, if he lived. He made the promise. He recovered. Now he is coming to Bhutan next spring.

And another one was in coma from a bad head injury. He is alive too. He reccounted that a monk walked into his hospital room and told him to wake up. He woke up to find his wife and daughters in the room. His first question was, “Where is this monk?”.

“Which monk?” everyone asked him back.

Two years later, after making a full recovery, he visited Bhutan and shot straight for Bumthang to thank Guru Padmasambhava. He is convinced that it was him because when he was in coma he had recurrent visions of Tang Mebar Tsho.

May the magic, mysticisms and miracles endure in these mountains, as modernisation takes over.

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