You can give your time

The people of the valley of Athang Rukha, until 15 years back, lived in extreme poverty and on dole from the neighbouring villages. Things took a drastic turn as they worked their way out of it since then. Today they are relatively doing very well. They have everything going for them.

“Now it is the time you give back. You have to help others,” I told them after we organised the first Tshechu and Tshobum in Rukha last December. They all looked perplexed and unconvinced.

“You can give your time”, I told them. “We all have it”.

Yes, in a world that is obsessed with money, as in living with the money-is-everything narrative, there is one priceless resource that nature has endowed equally to every human and sentient being. That is time. You don’t only have to have wealth or power to be able to do good things, or be of service to others. You can donate your time.

With this belief, I got 11 people accompanying me this time to do some pre-monsoon works at Dorje Phagmo Center in Zhemgang. More had actually signed up from Rukha but we only had three cars.

I agreed to put forward the money and materials, they agreed to give their time. Collaboration at best again. We are doing a massive 60 feet long, and a 20 feet tall wall, to prevent the feeder road from possibly sliding down next summer – or in future.

Whether you are rich or powerful, poor or powerless, time is also Great Equaliser. You may have the wealth, or power to buy anything, or do anything, but you cannot buy time.

Last, and the most important, our time is limited. And in the limited time we have in this life, use it meaningfully, while you can.

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