The Welcome Bowl

I have adapted this Newari copper container known as khadkalo, as a thro (large bowl in Dzongkha) for offering water and floating tsampaka (Oroxylum Indicum) flowers, as a sacred welcome offering.

Such displays of a bowl of water or milk, with floating flowers, are a traditional welcome to one’s house that signifies good luck, happiness, enlightenment and healing. You normally find them in front of temples but this cultural practice is in decline in Bhutan – and are done only when there are VIP visits, or during consecration and installation ceremonies.

However, I found among the Newaris in Kathmandu that they do this every day. So, I am taking a leaf out of their tradition and deciding to make a permanent display.

Culture can ba shared too.

#coppervase #welcomeflowers #bhutan #hospitality

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