Gold, it was

I must say having watched the football finals of the South Asian Games in Kathmandu, where Bhutan took on the defending champions, Nepal, I am extremely PROUD of the performance by our boys. I am also very HAPPY to see a nation united and rallying behind the team from all over the world. I now rest HOPEFUL for the future of football in Bhutan. Gone are the days when we were not even considered worth playing against by our opponents. Now we are a team to reckon with – at least in the region.

For all these, firstly, my respects and gratitude go to HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, HM’s Representative in Sports, for revamping and steering the new sporting movement in the country. And my recognition to our international star, Chencho Gyeltshen, for leading and inspiring his team mates to believe that it is possible to excel internationally. He has done it alone winning the Indian Hero League in 2018. It is so nice to see him lead the others. 

Of late, sadly, politics, technology and greed are tearing our society, and the world, apart. It is important that equally we create occasions, reasons and opportunities to be and to dream together and to cherish as Bhutanese – as one nation. Sport in general, and football in particular, is emerging to be a binding force of national cohesion and unity.

This moment is GOLD in itself.

Well done, Dragon boys





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